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Zhu Yuanbing
Zhu Yuanbing drama list contains the best dramas of Zhu Yuanbing and the ongoing dramas and upcoming dramas. The list will be updated continuously, bookmark this list to get the latest TV Series of Zhu Yuanbing.
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Ongoing Zhu Yuanbing Dramas

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    Royal Rumours
    Historical, Romance, Drama
    Xu Zhengxi, Meng Ziyi
    In the year of the Da Jin Dynasty, General Hua Yingting, who has just defeated the Jinbo State, sent his only daughter, Hua Liuli, back to the capital. Hua Liuli grew up with her father and brother in the military camp at the border, Although she is a daughter, she is talented and good at martial arts. However, the capital was different from the border: on the one hand, the rumors of...
  • Completed Zhu Yuanbing Dramas

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      Love is Sweet
      Youth, Romance, Business
      Luo Yunxi, Bai Lu
      Jiang Jun, a girl with a severe allergy to tears, has a double master’s degree in economics and psychology. The privileged and spoiled environment given by her parents has created her spontaneous and idealistic personality. After graduation, she worked in a charity organization, pursuing her dream life. Unexpectedly, her father’s unexpected death put her at a crossroads in her...
    • #3
      Once Upon a Time in Lingjian Mountain
      Historical, Youth, Comedy
      Xu Kai, Sandrine Pinna, Zhu Yuanbing
      For thousands of years, the Lingjian Sect has been committed to training talents. In order to further expand the strength of the sect and replenish ”fresh blood“, a qualification selection meeting was held to invite elites from the world. Wang Lu, a genius who came down due to the comet fall and the Mofa catastrophe, entered the Lingjian Sect with a spiritual power that had not...
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      Miracle Healer 2
      Fantasy, Youth, Suspense
      Zhu Yuanbing, Xing Fei
      Yang Yi, a kind-hearted and naive young doctor, works together with his friends and confidantes to shatter a number of conspiracies and save lives in the early Republic of China period.
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      Die Now
      Sci-fi, Suspense, Adventure
      Zhu Yuanbing, Jiang Yiyi, Fabien Yang
      Xia Chi is an innocent, intelligent, and meticulous teenager who is a member of the school's deduction club. After one of the club's activities, his girlfriend, Qing Zhi, who has touched the "Ji Lu case", mysteriously disappears. In order to find Qing Zhi, Xia Chi and his best friend Meng Qin accidentally discover a virtual game organization called "Die Now" and enter the game world...
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      Dear Prince
      Urban, Fantasy, Romance
      Zhang Yuxi, Melvin Sia
      Fan girl Sun Xiaotao meticulously plans a perfect concert trip to Okinawa. Her biggest wish is to see her idol Zhou Yiran and tell him that she fulfilled her original promise. Until her concert tickets are torn to pieces by an unexpected encounter with the sick ”prince“, Jiang Hao, and with a ”blast“, their fates are linked together from then on.
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      Miracle Healer
      Suspense, Thriller, Drama
      Zhu Yuanbing, Xing Fei
      In the early years of the Republic of China, natural and man-made disasters and military rebellions continue to plague the people, and some malicious people take the opportunity to do harm. Yang Yi, a young doctor with the power of the "dragon spirit" in his body, is involved in a treacherous struggle between the various forces in Shanghai due to the plague, and meets and falls in love...
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      Fifteen Years to Wait for Migratory Birds
      Urban, Youth, School
      Zhang Ruoyun, Sun Yi
      Li Li and Pei Shangxuan met when they were thirteen years old. Li Li immediately fell in love with this cool-looking boy and read his soft heart hidden under the cold surface. However, to Pei Shangxuan, Li Li was just an ordinary good student, and they lived in two different worlds. What awaited them afterward was a long fifteen years. During these fifteen years, there were too many...