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Jiang Xingcheng Dramas List

Jiang Xingcheng
Jiang Xingcheng drama list contains the best dramas of Jiang Xingcheng and the ongoing dramas and upcoming dramas. The list will be updated continuously, bookmark this list to get the latest TV Series of Jiang Xingcheng.
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Completed Jiang Xingcheng Dramas

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    Forget You Remember Love
    Urban, Romance
    Xing Fei, Garvey Jin
    Ye Qianyu, an ordinary girl who is known as “the leader of the fishing village”, and Shan Junhao, a “digital prince“ who believes that ” the rate of return is better than everything”. The two of them, who could not have had interactions, were tied together by fate because of a sudden car accident. The cool boss Shan Junhao changed his temperament due to memory loss and turned...