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Niu Junfeng drama list contains the best dramas of Niu Junfeng and the ongoing dramas and upcoming dramas. The list will be updated continuously, bookmark this list to get the latest drama series of Niu Junfeng.
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Ongoing Niu Junfeng Dramas

  • #1
    Meet Yourself
    Drama, Life, Romance
    Liu Yifei, Li Xian
    Xu Hongdou's life and work were at a low point due to the death of her best friend, so she went alone to the "You Feng Little House" in the village of Yunmiao in Dali to rest and adjust. There, she met Xie Zhiyao, a local man who had left his high-paying job to start a business in his hometown, and a group of peers from the big city....
  • Completed Niu Junfeng Dramas

    • #2
      Twenty Your Life On 2
      Urban, Romance, Life
      Guan Xiaotong, Bu Guanjin, Dong Siyi
      Three years after graduating from university, Luo Yan is introduced by her mother to work in a traditional company not far from home. When people enviys her life, she is tired of the borlling life. Jiang Xiaoguo, who appears to be a glamorous financial elite, working in a high-end office building, actually works overtime every day without...
    • #3
      Great Miss D
      Thriller, Suspense, Political
      Zhang Jingyi, Niu Junfeng
      In the early 1930s of Shang Hai, all forces rose up and the society was in turmoil. Ding Yiqing, the daughter of a rich merchant from Ningbo, came to Shanghai alone and befriended the underground workers, Lin Mosheng, Dong Hongyu, and Du Ying. Through the outbreak of the War of Resistance in 1938 and the Pacific War in 1942, they complete...
    • #4
      Go Into Your Heart
      Urban, Romance, Sport
      Landy Li, Niu Junfeng
      The talented young Go player, Sheng Jingchu, became famous as a dark horse and became a sensation in the Go world. Never giving any interviews, he has become the subject of many media reports. The intern reporter Cheng Liao helped Sheng Jingchu escape, but was misunderstood as his girlfriend, they faked a relationship, but did not expect...
    • #5
      Faith Makes Great
      Political, Drama
      Jin Dong
      The drama features 40 groups of characters and stories in four stages: the revolutionary period, the construction period, the reform period, and the rejuvenation period, documenting the moving journey of the continuous struggle of the Communist Party of China to achieve the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation by uniting and leading...
    • #6
      Dear Mayang Street
      Youth, Romance, Life
      Tan Songyun, Timmy Xu, Niu Junfeng
      In 1984, at the age of eighteen, Yi Dongdong followed his parents from Hunan to Guangzhou, where he fell in love at first sight with his neighbour Ma Xiaoxiao. But Ma Xiaoxiao had already fallen in love with Ou Xiaojian, with whom she had grown up together, so Yi Dongdong had to suppress his love and chose to guard in silence. But Ma...
    • #7
      Twenty Your Life On
      Youth, Friendship, Life
      Guan Xiaotong, Jin Shijia, Niu Junfeng
      Jiang Xiaoguo, who has no power, looks, or money, is always envious of her three roommates. Duan Jiabao, from a businessman's family, is wealthy but simple and carefree, only knowing how to chase stars and food. Luo Yan hates her mother's arrangement, but at least she has someone to arrange for her work and has nothing to worry about....
    • #8
      Your Highness, The Class Monitor
      Urban, Youth, School
      Niu Junfeng, Xing Fei
      Su Niannian, a straight-a-student who wants to enter Peking University and Qinghua University, failed her entrance exams because of a traffic accident. She entered an ordinary university in a small city. In this university, which she completely despised, she met a lot of “problem students” that she could not accept inside. She persuaded...
    • #9
      The Brightest Star in the Sky
      Youth, Romance
      Huang Zitao, Janice Wu
      Xingkong Entertainment is one of the top entertainment companies in China. The owners, Chen Tianhao and Du Wanqing, were once a loving couple who fell into a marital crisis because of their different business philosophies towards the company. Yang Zhenzhen, who loves music, joins Xingkong Entertainment and becomes the assistant of the...
    • #10
      Princess Agents
      Historical, Romance, Wuxia
      Zhao Liying, Lin Gengxin
      In the years of Western Wei, there was chaos and war, and many civilians were reduced to slaves and their lives were like grass. A slave girl, Chu Qiao, was sent to the hunting ground for the nobles to shoot for entertainment. Witnessing the tragic death of her elder brother and sister, she vowed to take her little sister to escape from...
    • #11
      Little Valentine
      Urban, Romance, Family
      Hu Jun, Gina Jin
      After retiring from the military, 46-year-old Shan Zifei runs the city's largest security company. His only daughter, Shan Dandan, was admitted to the philosophy department of the University of Hong Kong with excellent grades. Shan Zifei, who wanted to give his daughter a surprise, arrived in Hong Kong but unexpectedly found that his...
    • #12
      The Flame of Youth
      War, Suspense, Drama
      Li Jiahang, Song Yi, Niu Junfeng
      During the period from the 4-12 Incident in 1927 to the songhu anti-japanese war on January 28, 1932, Gu Xing, a young man on the Shanghai Bund, becomes a constable in the French Concession, with the intention of making a name for himself and capturing Xia Ruoning's heart. But he accidentally gets involved in a case between the counter-revolutionar...
    • #13
      Love O2O
      Youth, School, Romance
      Yang Yang, Zheng Shuang
      The straight-A student and school beauty, Bei Weiwei, aspires to be a game engineer. She played hard to be an online game master with the name of “芦苇微微/Lu Wei Weiwei”. Because she refused to upload her real photo and was mercilessly abandoned by her partner, “真水无香/Zhen Shui Wu Xiang”, but accidentally got the...
    • #14
      Go! Goal! Fighting!
      Youth, School, Sport
      Hu Ge, Jiang Shuying, Zeng Li
      By chance, Mu Qi becomes the football coach of a middle school and takes charge of the weakest middle school football team that can't even beat the primary school team. But MuQi's strategic planning leads the team to their first win and his uncanny ability to teach the team to be the best, not only convinces the misfits' young boys but...
    • #15
      Papa, Can You Hear Me Sing
      Family, Life, Drama
      Ma Shaohua, Guan Xiaotong
      In the early 1980s, Tong Lin, who had been a bachelor because of his mute handicap, found a baby girl at his doorstep. Although he is unable to speak, he adopted her and named her "A Mei". Because of A Mei, Tong Lin gave up his job and house, and took A Mei out to rent a room for himself, and made a living by collecting rags, raising...
    • #16
      Battle of Changsha
      Military, War, Romance
      Wallace Huo, Yang Zi
      In October 1938, after the Japanese army had captured Wuhan, the city of Changsha was in danger. Faced with the sudden war, people in the city were on tenterhooks and many people fled with their families. Xue Junshan, the grandson-in-law of the Hu family in Chayuan Lane, with the cooperation of his family, tried every possible means...