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Zhou Ye Dramas List

Zhou Ye
Zhou Ye drama list contains the best dramas of Zhou Ye and the ongoing dramas and upcoming dramas. The list will be updated continuously, bookmark this list to get the latest TV Series of Zhou Ye.
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Upcoming Zhou Ye Dramas

  • #1
    Bie Dui Wo Dong Xin
    Urban, Romance, Drama
    Lin Yi, Zhou Ye
    Yue Qianling had a crush on Gu Xun for a long time. Finally, she decided to confess her feelings to him before he graduated, but Gu Xun rejected her. Feeling dejected, Yue Qianling logged into a game and killed 18 players in anger. Her gaming partner noticed that something was wrong and cared about her. The gaming partner was secretly happy to learn that Yue Qianling had been rejected...
  • #2
    Bie Dui Wo Dong Xin
    Youth, Romance
    Zhou Ye, Lin Yi
    Yue Qianling had a crush on Gu Xun for a long time. She finally went to confess her feelings to him just before his graduation, but he rejected her. Feeling down, Yue Qianling played a game and angrily killed 18 opponents. Her cold and high-ranked gaming partner noticed something was wrong and showed concern. But the gaming partner was secretly happy to learn that Yue Qianling was...
  • #3
    Missing You
    Romance, Drama
    Tan Jianci, Zhou Ye
    Gu Sheng is a music-loving senior college student. She sticks to her dream and silently holds on to her hidden identity "Sheng Sheng Man" in the ancient style circle, and longs to collaborate with her crush, the dubbing master "Qiang Qing Ci". By coincidence, she meets Mo Qingcheng, who is the "Qiang Qing Ci", at an event. Thanks to the help of her best friend, the distance between...
  • #4
    Subtle Fragrance Floating
    Historical, Romance, Drama
    Zhou Ye, Wang Xingyue
    The intern editor was given the task of revising the comic. After working overtime until midnight, She drifted off to sleep. After Xia Fan wakes up, she is surprised to find that she has become Hua Qian, the villainous role in the comic. Not only does she have a traitor minister father and a foppish brother, but the original role has already done all the bad things in the past. So she...
  • #5
    Youth in the Flames of War (Our Southwest General University)
    Historical, Military, War
    Dylan Wang, Zhou Ye
    The history of the Southwest Associated University (SWAU), a temporary merger of Tsinghua University, Peking University and Nankai University in Kunming from 1937 to 1946, recreates the cultural resistance and self-improvement of young scholars and intellectuals during the war period, and shows the perseverance and responsibility of young scholars to carry out the great mission of national...
  • #6
    Back From the Brink
    Historical, Romance, Fantasy
    Neo Hou, Zhou Ye
    Twenty years ago, Tian Yao was hurt and sealed by the power of the five elements by his beloved, Su Ying, the master of the Guang Han Sect. By chance, Tian Yao’s soul escaped from the seal ten years ago, and he perceived that his dragon bone was sealed in a village lake, so he possessed the body of a boy who had died and waited for an opportunity to retrieve the dragon bone. Yan Hui’s...

Completed Zhou Ye Dramas

  • #7
    Reset In July
    Youth, School, Friendship
    Xiao Yu, Zhang Yao, Zhou Ye
    The 17-year-old Jing Zhihui failed the placement test due to a traffic accident and entered class 11, a class with a poor learning atmosphere. Jing Zhihui’s repeated attempts to leave Class 11 have ultimately failed, so she has to turn to the goal of gaining extra scores in the entrance exams for outstanding student leaders, and has set up a strategy to gain the trust of the class....
  • #8
    Word of Honor
    Historical, Friendship, Wuxia
    Zhang Zhehan, Gong Jun, Zhou Ye
    Zhou Zishu, the leader of the organization named Tianchuang, quits the organization at the cost of his life in order to be free and meets Wen Kexing, the master of Ghost Valley, who is determined to destroy the world. With a conspiracy, two confidants, five pieces of treasure puzzles, 20 years of grudges, and a thousand years of Jianghu's dream, their fate was tied together.